Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wow Santa...A White and Quiet December 25th!

I woke up to my first white xmas this morning. We received about three inches. I got all dolled up, and we attempted to head to Birmingham to spend the day with Lee's family. Afraid we might have trouble making it back home, we decided to turn around and spend the day at home...just us and the critters.

The dogs love the snow.

I laughed so hard watching Lee build this snowman. He had a lot of four-legged help.

As soon as he turned his back on it, Anni took a big bite out of it.

The dogs even took one of the snowman's arms.

They ran around catching and eating the mini snowballs I threw at them.

This is the first xmas that it has been just the two of us. We usually spend the day, and the day before and after, with either his family or mine. I don't quite know what to do with myself here at home.

We ate leftover pizza for lunch, but I guess I'll have to make us a xmas dinner now. It's a good thing the house is well stocked with food. I've got several different meats in the freezer, potatoes and some other basic veggies, plenty of eggs and cheese, and even some fresh rosemary and thyme. I ought to be able to make a decent dinner from all of this. It may not be turkey, dressing, his Aunt Evelyn's best-in-the-world-green beans, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole, but it will have to do.

Here are some more snowy photos from this morning:

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