Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Much-needed Day at the Park

He didn't want to swing, but he enjoyed pushing me.

We enjoyed a wonderful day at our favorite park, Hayes Nature Preserve, last Sunday. After a several weeks filled with snow and ice days, followed by lots of rain, we finally had a day that we could enjoy the outdoors.

Hayes has an amazing playground, a stream, creek, pond, swamps, trails, and a greenway for walking/biking. We took advantage of them all that day.

It feels like Spring is finally here. Today, the sun was streaming down (I'll save "beating down" for the late July/early August sun), the birds were chirping (and courting from what I could surmise of two robins in our front yard), we saw some bugs, and some flowery weeds had popped up in the yard. It felt and sounded wonderful. I will love all of this until I have to loathe Spring when the pollen arrives.