Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Holiday Decorations

Some years I get into the holiday spirit and want to decorate, and some years I could care less. This year I'm definitely in the mood for the holidays. I've pulled my decorations out of the attic, flipped through seasonal magazines, repeatedly visited, and have even been tinkering with some of my own creations.

I'm not a big fan of a lot of bling. I love rustic, natural, and primitive decor. Most of the holiday decor I own was made locally by two different crafting women who make prim decor. I try to buy a piece or two each year so that one day I can have holiday decorations all over the main rooms of the house. My husband doesn't get this. He thinks we have enough already. He also doesn't get why I need several different pairs of black shoes. He is also the one who put up our tiny christmas tree this year...don't look too close or you'll see that he used paper clips to hang the ornaments.

The snowman in the bucket above is one of my favorites. I have it sitting on an antique step ladder that belonged to my great, great aunt. There are lights inside the bucket too, I just didn't have them plugged in when I took the photo.

I found this frame at a thrift store a few years ago, and I decided to attach twine to hang whatever on it. I decided the other day it would make a great holiday card holder, and we've got some cute cards to show off. Several of our friends and family have had babies this year, and they are featured on the cards.

Here's to decking the halls.

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