Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreamy White Rooms for the Little Ones

This light and calm room found here.

I'm not going to be swayed from creating a colorful nursery for my sweet pea, but these rooms have made me think twice. I have always been drawn to light, airy rooms filled with various textures and shades of white.

This room found here.

This white, nature inspired kid room as seen here.

This lovely white vintage nursery found here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

BabyList Universal Baby Registry

I was just telling Lee that I wished a baby registry like this one existed. Ohdeedoh featured this great new service yesterday. was launched last month by a first-time mom. It allows users to move items into their registry from any online store. I love the flexibility it provides and it is really easy to use as well. All I had to do was sign up and install a browser. When I am shopping and find something I want to add to my registry, I just click on my Favorites button, click on the "Baby Morgan" folder I recently created to house everything baby, and then click on "add to babylist". A small pop-up window appears that shows how my item will look in the registry. A picture of the item, the price, and a link are automatically transferred to my registry. I am able to change the quantity and there is even a space for notes. So easy.

I love that I will not have to be a slave to Babie R Us, Target, etc... My gift-buyers will also not be as limited. For example, I plan on putting several books for baby into my registry. If someone visits my registry and decides they want to buy Goodnight Moon, they just click on the "Reserve" button. They then are free to buy that book from wherever they wish. Amazing flexibility for everyone. I do plan on trying to find as many basic items from the more ubiquitous stores to make it easy for my friends and family.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm having a baby!

Well, I will have to get that nursery together sooner rather than later. I'm pregnant!!!

My husband and I, although he keeps reminding me that it was actually my idea, decided to have a go at this baby-making thing in late January. I never expected it to work so soon, but here I am in my seventh week. My little sweet pea is due to arrive November 4. I am hoping he or she holds off until the 5th because that was my paternal grandmother's birthday.

I would love to honor my paternal grandmother by naming the baby after her, but I wouldn't name a girl or boy with her name. Growing up I thought my grandmother's first name was Clyde. That is what everyone called her. It wasn't until a few years ago that my cousins and I learned that Clyde was her middle name. Her first name, and you are thinking it can't get any worse than Clyde, was Vernon. Vernon Clyde. Now that's some kind of name.

Both of my grandmothers were, and still are, very special to me. My paternal grandmother (Vernon Clyde) passed away when I was sixteen. My maternal grandmother died a year or two before I got married(six or seven years ago). My husband and I have decided to name our baby Kate if it's a girl after my maternal grandmother.

If the baby is a boy, we plan on naming him Luke after my husband's uncle. His Uncle Luke, who is actually an uncle by marriage to his father's sister, was like a grandfather to my husband. His real name was Luscious, but everyone called him Luke.

At least the deciding of names is mostly out of the way. Now for all the other stuff.