Monday, January 3, 2011

Instead of Resolutions...

I'll make a New Year's to-do list. That way I can check things off as I go, and maybe I'll actually get some things done. And there are a lot of things I need (and want) to get done before I get into serious baby-making mode.

Here is a list of things, not necessarily in order of priority or practicality, that I can start with:

Make more lists/schedules

In order to get my house in order and keep it that way, I plan on creating a cleaning schedule that will include daily chores, weekly chores, monthly, etc... Believe me, I need this. The sheets haven't been getting washed once a week like they should, and the vacuuming isn't getting done enough to keep the dog odor at bay. Before baby I need to shed a few pounds and exercise in general to keep my mood in check, so I also need an exercise schedule or to-do list that I can cross off each day or couple of days. For example, checking off that I walked the dogs.

Wash all the piled-up laundry (and put it away...somewhere)

I have so many clothing items stuffed in laundry hampers outside the laundry room (yep, it's overflowing) that I forget what I have. Seriously, some clothing items have been in those hampers for over a year. A lot of it consists of items that have to be handwashed or otherwise washed delicately or drycleaned. It is really hard to get to these things when there is everyday laundry to do, but I will do it!

Hang pictures and decorative items

The walls in our house are bare, so I have been stocking up on inexpensive artwork and other decorative items to remedy this. However, I haven't hung any of them yet. Some of it has been sitting around collecting dust and taking up floor space for two years at least. Why haven't I hung them? I have two issues: trouble deciding where exactly to hang them and needing help to make sure they are level, spaced evenly apart, etc... I may have to call in some friends who have well decorated houses to come over and help.

Refinish dining table

We bought an antique drop-leaf table that has a rustic country style, but it is stained green. I want to remove the green stain and apply an medium brown oak stain. The dining table doesn't have much to do with having a baby, but after I'm pregnant I don't need to be fooling with chemicals like paint, stain, paint remover, etc... And after baby comes, there won't be much time.

Revamp the guest bathroom

The guest bathroom, which will become future baby's bathroom, is in pretty good shape but not very aesthetically pleasing. I want to remove the border, change the paint color, refinish the cabinets, add new hardware, add a new mirror and light fixture, add some shelves, find a small bench to place in there and purchase a new shower curtain and rug. I would really like to get a new sink and counterop too, but I want get my hopes up.

Use chalkboard paint

I really want a chalkboard wall in my house somewhere, and I have already purchased the paint as well as a magnetic primer to go underneath. I've already decided that future baby will have a wall or part of a wall as a chalkboard, but I think I want one in the kitchen as well. I can write grocery lists and other to-do lists on it.

Refinish future baby's furniture

I have a mid-century modern-style dresser and chest of drawers that I am going to strip and paint white to use in the nursery. The dresser will serve as a changing table as well. I got them both several years ago for only $75. I found two bedside tables for baby a year or so ago that I need to strip and paint white as well. They may not go in the room until baby gets a toddler bed, though.

Ready the nursery

This is the big one. This room is the definition of a mess. I posted pics of it here, and it is even worse now. It is mainly full of craft stuff like scrapbooking supplies, so organizing and finding a new home for that stuff is a major undertaking. I really want a space to do my crafting, but it needs to be behind closed doors to keep the animals away from it. I don't think Lee is going to give up his computer/music room any time soon, so I'll just have to steal a section of it for myself. I get sick to my stomach when even think about tackling this room, but it has got to be done. Wish me luck.

I have plenty to keep me busy. I'm currently back in school working on getting my elementary education degree, and I'm taking three more classes this semester that start a week from today. I think I need to add learn to manage my time to my to-do list.

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