Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog and Simply Bloom Photography

I visited the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog this morning and found this beautiful wedding, which reminded me a bit of my own wedding. I love the bride's dress and headpiece. They are my dress and headpiece just taken up a glamorous notch. If I could go back and do it again, I would wear somthing more like this instead.

My wedding was a simple affair. I wanted it to be casual, not too fancy and stuffy, so my guests could have a wonderful time. Everyone had an amazing time, but again, if I could go back and do it again, I would glam myself up just a tad.

The beautiful photograph above was taken by Simply Bloom Photography, which is located right here in Huntsville, Alabama.

Lee and I never got around to getting engagement photos made, so I am going to try my best to talk him into letting Simply Bloom do a shoot for us before we make any more additions to our family.

I love all of the sweet, creative engagement photos that are featured on wedding blogs like Elizabeth Anne Designs, and I really want (are you reading this honey) some great, professional shots of Lee and I together. Simply Bloom does on-location shooting, so I'm thinking Rainbow Mountain here in Madison would be a great spot. What to wear, though?

Here are a couple of photos from my wedding. My cousin Rob took the photos and did a wonderful job. He is now running another successful business, so I'm pretty sure he's out of the wedding photography circuit.

My wedding dress(just an off-the-clearance rack sundress) cost me about $50 from a department store. The bridesmaids dresses were found at CATO for less than $30. I know my parents are thankful I didn't clear out their bank account for my wedding. They wanted me to have just what I wanted, and I pretty much got it for under $5000 for a three-day, destination wedding right here in Alabama. This included everything...attire, food, decorations, and accomodations for everyone in the wedding party.

If you do go over to Elizabeth Ann Designs to take a peek at this wedding, check out the amazing bridesmaid ensembles. I would not have thought to use colors so close to white, but it works wonderfully.

I also love that many of the wedding details are diy. I think that by putting as much of yourself into your wedding, with the help of family and friends, makes it an extra special affair. I designed my own wedding and created many of the details alone or with the help of my family and friends. I didn't even have a wedding mom, a few aunts and myself made cupcakes of various flavors. The leftover cupcakes became entertainment later in the evening as a cupcake eating contest took place and quickly turned into a food fight.

I plan to do a more thorough post about my wedding when I track down and get more photos ready to publish. Besides, I've got to get my mind off weddings and hit the books.

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