Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you for stopping by my new blog. I was inspired to start it after picking up a copy of Tara Frey's book Blogging for Bliss. It features some lovely blogs written by creative individuals, and it also includes information on how to build your own beautiful blog. I love that blogs allow us to see the great little moments and things of the everyday live's of people near and far away. It brings that beauty and knowledge into our own worlds. I am wishing and doing a little to make my house a home, preparing to start a family, and dreaming of having my own small business someday soon. It is nice to see how other people accomplish these things and know that it can be done in many different ways.

I will be blogging and posting photos of my scrapbooking projects, the recipes that make their way into my kitchen, my dreams of motherhood and business, and all of the things around me I find inspiring and beautiful.

Thank you to Shabby Miss Jenn Designs for the blogwear and thanks to Lie Fhung of Ztampf for the photo frames and tag in this post. She creates some amazing digital scrapbook designs.

The photos were taken last month of a cotton field near our house that I pass at least twice a day. I finally decided one day to grab the camera and stop the car. It is a shame that I could not capture the richness of the colors with the camera. The speckled white of the cotton fields are often the closest thing we get to snow in Alabama.

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