Saturday, November 28, 2009

Humble Heart Farms

I picked up my pumpkin when I visited Humble Heart Farms last Saturday. It is a goat farm/dairy that makes delicious goat cheese in a variety of flavors. I've been buying cheese from them at the farmer's market for months now. I was excited to attend their open house to see all the animals and taste some different products.

It was a lovely drive, about 20 miles or so, to get to the farm from my house. And the animals were very cute. One hundred or so goats, a couple of horses and dogs, sheep, geese, and farm mice. Yes, even the mice were cute. Frosty, the goat kid, was the star (photos below). He was like a little puppy wandering around among all the visitors.

I got close to the fence to take some pictures of the goats, and this dog was keeping a close eye on me the whole time.

The owner gave us guests a tour of the farm and explained the process of milking the goats and creating the cheese. The idea of being a farmer and living closer to the land is appealing, but I'm just not cut out for the realities of farm life...too much manual labor and too many crack-of-dawn mornings.

I have a new favorite flavor of goat cheese now...the Rio Grande. It is usually sold out at the market, so I was finally able to taste it Saturday. My husband and I also like the French and Smoked Paprika. I also got to sample some grilled goat burgers and lamb sausage. The lamb sausage was ok, but I really liked the goat. I bought a pack of the goat burger patties as well as some lamb chops. I have never eaten lamb chops before. The lamb sausage I tried was actually the first lamb I've ever tasted.

I buy my beef from another small family farm, but I got to sample some other grass-fed beef while I was at the farm. 273 3 Ranch was there with information about their farm as well as some delicious roasted beef. I was given a cracker topped with moist, flavorful beef kept warm in a crock pot. It had only been seasoned with salt and pepper. Did I mention that it was delicious?

I discovered that Humble Heart Farms makes goat milk soap as well and has plans to start making ice cream. I bought some Sandalwood Citrus soap for my husband, and I am loving the Green Tea Cucumber I bought for myself. I can't wait to go back next year and see all the baby goats in February and hopefully get to try some of that ice cream before long.

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