Monday, February 10, 2014

Good News: I Saved Money on My Groceries!

I am feeling quite proud of myself. I planned ahead and left the grocery store with a week's worth (maybe more) of groceries for about $110. I spend anywhere from $50-80 when I stop in "just to get a few things." I didn't just get food either. I got out of there with a large container of laundry detergent and two bottles of Seventh Generation all-purpose cleaner.

All it took was looking at the sale paper and buying mostly what was on sale this week. I know, why have I not done this before? Who knows? I am certainly doing it now, though. If $110 sounds like a lot to you, shut up. Just kidding. Actually, please tell me your secret.

I was so pleased with my savings at the grocery store that I refused to stop and pick up dinner on the way home (I was in a time crunch yesterday, so this would have been reasonable). We had grilled cheese sandwiches with canned tomato soup for dinner instead. Trying to clean out the food in the pantry also. I started organizing it on Saturday. I'll post about that later.

Adapted from a post I saw on Honest Toddler's Facebook page.
I hope to begin doing some proper meal planning very soon so that I am not so frazzled about what to fix and also so that I can save money and not wind up with so much food in the pantry that is not going to get eaten before it expires. There is no reason I should have a pantry completely full of food when I go to the store like twice a week! Got to stop the impulse buying.

I've started a Pinterest board for meal planning, house cleaning charts, etc... to help me get started. It only has 30 pins so far but it's a start. Don't you just love Pinterest? Next to shopping, it is the best way to feel accomplished with out really doing anything that constructive ;)

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