Friday, October 7, 2011

Making a Mobile

The other day my friend Marilyn brought me lunch and surprised me with four of these cute owls. She found them at JoAnne's fabric store and they are meant to be x-mas ornaments, but I am going to turn them into a mobile for Luke's nursery. I wanted to find some wooden craft owls of some sort to make a mobile, and these are perfect! Thank you Marilyn.

I decided today to go ahead and get to work on them. Hey, it's something I can do sitting down. I'm painting them the same colors as the owls on the Robert Kaufmann fabric I'm using in the nursery...turquoise, red-orange, yellow-orange, and lime green. I have not quite figured out how much detail to include on the front of the owl so I chose to paint the backs first. That gives me a good chance to get the colors just right too. The round belly of the owl is meant for a photograph, but I've decided to place the Robert Kaufman coordinating chevron striped fabric in the center of each one. They are going to be so cute. It feels good to be accomplishing something today.

I've read that babies can't really get the benefit of a mobile until they are three months old or thereabouts, so I'll have plenty of time after he's born to pick out and assemble the rest of the mobile. For example, finding different ribbon or thread and getting rid of the red ribbon on them now and deciding exactly how to hang them.

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