Friday, July 15, 2011

Belly Watching

Baby Luke is becoming more active and kicking a lot harder. I lay in bed first thing every morning (this morning I was up at 4:30) and watch my belly as it moves as the baby kicks. The cat watches me watching my belly and eagerly awaits me getting up to feed her breakfast. I eagerly await the moment I can finally meet this sweet little fellow. I wonder what he will be like. What traits will he get from me? What traits from his dad? Still awhile to go, but I hope he stays inside me and doesn't get any ideas about coming early.

The baby gave the nurse a hard time at my appointment this week. She was trying to get a heartbeat reading, but the baby would just not be still long enough. He started kicking, though, and would kick right where she pressed the wand into my tummy. The wand and her hand would move up and a funny sound would come through on the monitor. I would get tickled and then that would make a funny noise as well. We finally got a reading. His heartbeat is now at 145.

He and I are still doing well. I did gain 7 pounds in only 4 weeks (3 more than I need), but I'll start watching my intake of sweets (I need to stop baking cakes and whatnot) and other junky foods. I've also been really good about exercising this week. Been to the gym three times and water aerobics once. My neighbor went with me to water aerobics and loved it as well, so now I've got a buddy to go with me and keep me motivated. My body feels so good that I think I can keep it up. Wish I was as motivated about cleaning and organizing the house.

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